Thursday, October 30, 2014

Boot sale

     We have received some boots in a buy out from another store. SO, we are having a boot sale. EVERY boot you see is HALF PRICE. If you ever needed boots,  stop by and see if we have something for you in stock.

         Till Christmas, if we do not have a boot in stock for you, we will give you 15% off of any boots we order in for you. Now is the time to get some new shoes for the holidays.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Winter prep

    There are lots of new things to take into account when storing a bike for the winter these days. We know what to expect and how to help prevent problems in the future. We carry scooter and motorcycle covers in stock.
      The problems of E10 fuel can be dealt with by using the correct fuel stabilizers. We carry Star-tron for day to day use, and K100 fuel stabilizer for storage. The K100 is the best stuff we have seen so far, far outperforming the other stabilizers under long term storage conditions. A few ounces of K100 will prevent a carb clean or stale fuel problems in the spring.
     If you bike has to live outside and doesn't have a warm cozy garage or shed; we can sell you a good cover to help keep the elements at bay.
      Whatever your storage solution, make sure you come see us to save yourself some headaches and money in the spring.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Buy a buddy

It is the "sell a buddy" sale. We have 3 buddy 125's left in stock this fall; buy one of these now and get $100 off the purchase price and FREE installation of any accessories you buy with the bike. This is the time of the year to get the good deals, and there is still time to ride before it gets too cold.
This is the bike we lovingly refer to around the shop as " the appliance". They are  so reliable; we will only see you for new tires , oil changes, or accessories.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


   Don't put them away yet. We have the gear to extend your riding season; and allow you to ride in the fall and spring in comfort. The silk glove liners, cold weather  gloves, and balaclavas are IN STOCK.

     Electric gear has always been an option on bigger bikes with ample charging systems, but on small displacement motorcycles or scooters the charging system just wasn't up to the task. The problem has finally been solved with battery power. There is now no reason you can't be warm on your vintage small frame vespa in a parade or even your dirt ride in the woods. The mobile electric warming gear is not just good for two-wheeled use, but soccer games, hunting or any outdoor adventure that might make you cold.
    There are several styles to choose from, vests, thin under gear, even gloves, but what we keep in stock is a thin jacket that can be worn under your riding gear or as a stand alone jacket that can be worn as everyday apparel.

    The battery is a small unit concealed in one of the front pockets. The jacket will provide full power for about 3 hours on one charge, and will run 6 hours on a 50% setting. The battery is available as a separate item for $39.95 ( so you can easily carry more than one). The jacket comes with one battery and a charger included.
     Courtney decided to do a simple demonstration of just how easy it is to stay warm.

   And just look at her face once we turn the heat on; does this lady look warm or what?!
     We plan on using  several batteries this winter for skiing  and hunting as well as riding. The recharge time is less than 2 hours, and there are car chargers as well. So, you can always have a fully charged battery on hand.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Demo's are on sale!

   We had two demo bikes this year, and now it is time to find them a good home. Both of them only have a few hundred miles, and will come complete with their first service completed free of charge. There are serious discounts on both the green Hooligan

And the white Stellauto.

If you are seriously interested in either of these rides, stop by and see us, or give us a ring.  The bikes come with warranties, just like new.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sparrow Trek, Dirt, the Final Frontier

    Just a quick little ride this weekend with some TMISC and Dlist riders on some beautiful country roads. As usual with this crowd there was a wide variety of bikes and scooters in the mix. We had a KLR250, a pair of Genuine Stellas, a Genuine buddy 50, a Kymco 150, and a SYM symba. This seems to be the norm for a Carlisle Cycle and Scooter sponsored ride. This ride was actually put together by Adam Danger for some dirt road fun.


It was really nice to have so many different bikes on one ride, Its an odd trip when a Kaw. KLR250 is the "fastest" bike on the ride, though the Kymco may have given it a run for its money. The group of people was just as diverse, but the smiles seem to be spread all around ( and some strange gang sign or something)

After a late start we did manage to find a few dirt roads in the wilds of Pennsyltucky.

This ride is a GREAT proof that you can have fun on whatever bike you happen to bring, it was awesome to see 3 two-strokes on one ride ( and for a change I wasn't even on one). The weather was nice, and warm enough if you were dressed properly for it. One of our riders was even testing out the new battery powered  .mobile warming gear  we sell for a toasty ride ( test coming here soon ).

As most rides do; it all ended to soon, and it was time to head home, but there was still time for one more cup of joe. (Thanks to our hosts)

Would you like to join us on one of our rides? Then you need to keep an eye here, or on our Facebook page, the blog page for one of the Symba riders, or the TMISC FB page. There are many groups and rides for scooters/motorcycles in the Carlisle/ Harrisburg area, and we know about most of them.