Sanyang motorcycle company, more easily known as SYM. Think they are the new guys on the block? Not quite, these guys started making bikes in 1954. They have made bikes for Honda over the years ( you may recognize a few in their lineup). We have decided to sell SYM based on their quality and reputation. These are NOT made in China, but in Taiwan and YES, there is a difference. Feel free to come check them out for yourself. If we don't have the model you are looking for we are able to acquire any available model in the country for you in a week or less.

     Are you looking for a simple bike? One that is fun to ride, but doesn't overwhelm with hi tech gadgetry? The bike like you had in high school? Simple, solid, FUN.

  Wolf classic 150

      If you are looking for something sporty and fast? We can help you there as well.




             There are plenty of maxi-scooters out there, but they can be heavy and cumbersome around town. Something that is capable of running down the highway yet is still nimble around town:

     Citycom 300i

     Sym has the 200 class well covered:  

  RD200 evo

     The new Fiddle III is one of the best buys on the market today:      

    Fiddle III

   Last, but certainly not least you have to have the fun, around town 50's.

 MIO 50


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