Sunday, March 29, 2015

A visit from Cheeky Seats

    We had a wonderful Saturday at our shop. It is fantastic when some things just fall together.
The day started when one of our customers dropped off a seat in the morning for Suzy and Rafa to work their magic on. "Oh, you know they are coming by today?"
     The design and fabrication team from Cheeky seats were due to be by the shop that day to discuss installing a seat cover and accessory section in our shop. The customers already knew they were coming! If that doesn't make Cheeky Seats scooter "royalty" I am not sure what will. There were several customers and friends that came by to discuss seat covers and fabric options.

      There have been a few new seat patterns derived for the new low profile seats from Scooterworks. YES, Cheeky Seats will now have their seat covers for the low profile Buddy seat, and the low profile seat for the Blur, as well. AND They have several new covers out for the Genuine Roughhouse. We were lucky enough to get our hands on some of the first ones produced. They are ON the bikes in the store; make sure to come by and see their work. YES, they are for sale! There are more, this one is just a tease; you will have to come by to see the rest!


         We have used their seats since the beginning, and are now official Cheeky Seats dealers. We have even been professionally trained by "Mr magic hands" himself on how to properly install their seat covers. We can show you how, but they really are easy to install in just a minute of time.
    There was even a custom install going on as well. We got to watch the magic at work first hand; very few pictures were approved by the Cheeky Seats press department, but we did manage to sneak in a few candid shots.

     The finished product turned out fantastic. This may be the first custom Genuine RH50 seat cover in the country. This cover is a one of a kind, but you should see the ones they have for the roughhouse. Did we mention that we have them IN STOCK.

    Overall, A fantastic impromptu get together of friends and business. There were several people that left with new seat covers and smiles.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Motorbikes for the masses at the AACA museum

    The exhibit is now open at the AACA museum in Hershey, PA. This event will be in place March 14 through October 11th 2015. Its a rare chance to see some early, rare and almost unheard of scooters that mobilized the world. Some of our friends from TMISC have donated their scooters for the show. Even if you think you know your vintage people movers; you may be surprised by what you find on display at the museum.
There are several other exhibits on display as well, if you enjoy more than just scooters. There is currently a Tucker exhibit and a Lotus racing display amongst others. 
We liked it so much we even had to sponsor a bike belonging to one of our favorite customers; so make sure to stop by and check out some of the origins of scootering.
There will several open house events at the museum this summer; so keep an eye on their website or our Facebook page for announcements. If we get lucky there may even be some planned rides to the museum to visit this historic collection.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Genuine Stellauto foul weather test

     Finally, a warm day! Snow melting, glacial ice receding, its time to RIDE. The roads around here have been horrid for days, and the local scooter club, TMISC, is having a dinner/bowling night at the Coliseum. The temps are in the 40's it is pouring rain and is supposed to change to snow by 10:00PM. We are usually done bowling by 9:30, and it take 25 minutes to get back to the shop...SURE, it will be fine!
     So, being a bike shop owner with a myriad of two-wheeled machines to choose from; just what would I take? There are motorcycles, scooters, fast, slow, old, new; I think the Genuine scooter Stellauto hasn't been tested in the rain and cold by us yet. So, why not?
    The ride to the Coliseum wasn't too bad, a good full face helmet, a Firstgear jacket and a Cheeky seats scooter cape did the trick. I arrived warm and dry.
     A fun night of food, bowling and laughs was in order. We had about a dozen members in attendance. The stellauto WAS the only ride in the parking lot. Everyone else arrived on 4 wheels tonight, even a few of our other die-hard riders who were in attendance, but who could blame them with the snow coming.
    When it was time to leave, the stellauto fired right up and settled into a steady fast idle. The conditions were about as bad as they get. It was raining steadily and in the low 30's. There were several heavy looking rain drops that appeared to catch the headlight just a bit brighter. Those aren't snow are they?
    A few extra bits of gear piled on underneath the previous layers for some added warmth and we were ready to go. Stella seemed to not mind any more than her pilot, so off we went into the night (secretly hoping the white stuff would hold off till we got back). The added reflective piping from the scooter cape and rain gear were a welcome addition on such a dark night.
   The Stellauto did not miss a bit on the entire return trip. These were some of the coldest and  wettest conditions she could be subjected to. If the weather was any worse it would have been snow under her wheels. The true test of this new design from Genuine was to get her as wet and miserable as possible and see how she held up. Stella arrived at her destination purring happily as she would on a summer day.
     The test had been a success, and everyone arrived back at the shop safe and warm, if a bit damp. Both rider and Stella ready for their next adventure.