Lance is a scooter company based out of California, and using scooters built in Taiwan. They are an offshoot of SYM, and as we are already happy SYM dealers we decided to take on the Lance line as well. They offer a few models that are quite different than others we sell from Genuine and SYM. The scooters offer good quality and something for a rider looking for something a little different.They are now offering fuel injection on the new upgraded 200 cc machines.

     The Cali Classic is offered in a 200 FI, 125, and 50. We keep the 150 and 200 in stock on the floor as it offers something different in a small displacement scooter. The fuel economy and reliability are there as usual, but the looks are all its own. The wide chrome handlebars, the long tail over the rear wheel and the chrome hardware on the back end set this scoot apart in the looks department.


    The Havana Classic has the same motor platforms as the Cali; again available in a 200 FI, 125, and 50. The Havana has the more common standard ABS molded headlight surround, but comes in some great colours with a good price tag.

      Next up we have the Cabo from Lance; also offered in 200 FI, 125, and 50cc versions. If you are looking for something with a little off road style and good street manners; this may just be the bike for you.

    The PCH model has great urban styling and good looks for getting around town or when you want to get out of town. It is also offered in 200 FI, 125, and 50cc models.

    If you are looking for amazing fuel mileage in town and around campus; the Soho 50 may fit the bill for good inexpensive transportation.


    If the delivery business is in your plans, or you just need to haul A LOT of stuff. Then the PCH50 delivery is what you need. Yes, the box is that big.

      We sell and support the complete Lance line; stop by and have a look at what they offer. It may be what you have been looking for.



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