Thursday, February 19, 2015

Second Annual Two-digit ride Sunday May 24

     We started the first one last year as just something silly to do and make use of all our small displacement machines. We had a small group, but the fastest machine was a Kymco 125, and we all had a great day riding to Centralia, PA. on small machines.

                                         Waiting to cross the river ferry in Millersburg last year


    Almost everyone has a 50 or an old 80 in the garage; a fast moped, a 50cc pit bike, a 49cc scooter you bought for the campsite. When was the last time you went somewhere for a ride with it?


Time to dig it out, freshen up the fluids, air up the tires and get ready to ride.

Why you ask? We are doing it AGAIN. It is time to pull out your calender and highlight Sunday May 24 at Noon. We will be leaving Carlisle Cycle and Scooter just after noon and going on a 70ish mile loop over 50cc friendly roads. The ride is targeted at bikes under 100cc, BUT feel free to come along if you only have a larger bike, but you just have to ride along at a 50cc pace ( or lack thereof). If you have a moped, make sure it is a fast one and will do 40 MPH, as there will be some mountain climbs.

The ride will head out to a suprise location for the "kids" that is more fun than a puppy and as sweet as candy. After a stop there, we will give the bikes a chance to stretch their legs as we make the run into Gettysburg for lunch at the famous Lincoln Diner. Then we will set a leisurely pace back to Scoot Carlisle to refuel, buy more two-stroke pre-mix , and maybe tell stories and have a few laughs. 

Yes, many of us will be on 50's! The ride will have several stops to allow the bikes and riders to catch their breath. There may even be a few good spots for photos along the way. The pace will be slow, and FUN is on the list. If you think you are too big for a 50, let us try to change your mind.

The rider is 6'3" and the passenger is 6'4" and we made the first one just fine. The uphills just might take a while. See you there! Feel free to call the shop for details or with any questions!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Open house

    We can say our first open house was a great success. There were lots of friends and a few new faces who came out on a cold day. A special hat tip goes out to all the people who rode in! The shop had four bikes in the parking lot at one time! I hope we got a chance to talk to everyone and welcome them to the new shop. It was nice to see folks from as far away as Philadelphia and Baltimore.We look forward to the next one.
      We even had a visit from the R&D team at Cheeky seats. So, if you were there you may have gotten to handle or test some new products coming out in the spring. For those of you not able to make it. They will be available at Amerivespa, MON rally, and other events such as the TMISC meltdown. Of course, the best place to find their products is right in Carlisle and our shop.

    It is amazing what a difference a year makes:
                                                    Shrinky Dink1

                                                    Shrinky Dink II

There is NO BS  going on in this photo!
Just too good of a photo of the new shirts to pass up.
Sure, we are always this busy in January.
Yes, we start them that young whenever possible.