Sunday, January 10, 2016

A little tire comparison on the Lance Cabo

     The last time we took the Lance Cabo offroad a bit, it was running a 50/50 dual purpose tire. The trails in that test were similar to what we selected today.


 The 50/50 tire worked well, but since our daughter uses the Cabo 150 as a daily transport for school when the time came for a new tire we opted for a more street designated tire. The Shinko sr723 has been a good choice for the street so far; let's see how it does in the dirt.

     The tread on the new tire doesn't look that much less aggressive than the one it replaced, but let us assure you it is. As we took it off road there was a lot of slipping and sliding trying to climb a hill in the leaves. The leaves on the ground were wet and that made it a bit more difficult. We attempted this hill a couple of times, but the surface was too loose and slippery.                                                                                   

Final determination; this long steep hill was a "no go" with the new tires, so we decided to try a nice dry stream crossing.

We are happy to say, as long as the ground was dry the street tires held their own and after this pic the Cabo pulled right out of here, and we were on our way. Trying to find the next good spot for another pic we came across a scenic pond.

    With enough mud on the tires for one day, we made our way back to the hard-top road and headed home. The Cabo still did everything we expected of it, it was just the tires that weren't up to the task in some places. The bottom line? If you plan on exploring a few fishing trails and back roads. It will be best to stick to the 50/50 dirt and street tires. They don't last quite as long, but the trade off is good traction in the rough stuff. If dirt is not on the menu the 723 Shinko did a fine job. Either way, we know our tires here and can help you choose the right ones. We just love the testing part, too!