Wednesday, November 26, 2014

First one of the year

   We have snow today, earlier than we would like, but we are ready none the less.
The snow has started, but if you are of the same mindset as we are. It won't last forever and there are plenty more good days to ride. The snow won't stay, at least not yet.
Remember, don't leave your bike out in the cold. We have motorcycle AND scooter covers in stock. If you are one of our customers that tucks your ride away for winter; we have you covered as well. Make sure you remember to put fuel stabilizer in the tank and run it through the fuel system, and come see us for a maintenance battery tender as well. If you spend a few dollars now; you will be riding in the spring instead of bringing your ride to us in the spring to get it running again.
As for us? We have the fire on, the coffee is hot and we have winter projects to get finished for our customers. If you feel like stopping by, we are open and usually working on something interesting this time of year.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

It must be fall

    The temperature drops and the weather gets cold, but if you shop here and watch our blog you know we can keep you comfortable on two wheels this time of year. The days are often sunny and well dressed riders can enjoy an extended season. The leaves change and provide for some beautiful sights and you should try to ride out to enjoy them.
     Here in the shop things begin to look a little different as well. The heat is on ( as well as the coffee )
So feel free to stop by and have a cup of joe and talk about your latest adventure, or ask us about ours.
The shop is slowly evolving, getting new gear and starting to get the finishing touches we didn't have time for in the spring.
The other thing you may notice; if you walk around to the shop side, is a full workshop this time of year.
This is the time of year to talk to us about those long term projects and dreams you have in the spring. We are far too busy in the warm months to tackle those long projects, but if you ever wanted a big bore kit on your buddy may be the time. We have to schedule them carefully, as we only have so much space. At the moment we have 2 engines apart on our bench; so make sure you schedule in advance.
The snow (eeeek) isn't on the ground yet, we have the gear to keep you and your ride going this fall. There is still PLENTY of good riding days, and besides, for the local Three Mile Island Scooter Club its parade time.
So we will see you there!