Our labor rate is currently $78 an hour;  we believe in being fair with our labor times so we keep very accurate track of them. This helps it be fair to you and us. There are certain jobs we do that come with a flat labor fee. 

  Yes, we do that.Please realize that large jobs or projects are VERY difficult to complete in the spring or summer months, so we ask that you reserve those for the winter when we have the time to get to them. we LOVE big projects over the winter, and that way your pride and joy can be finished and ready for spring when you want to ride!

Crash damage estimates will be charged at least one  hour of labor for parts look-up and estimate review. This is a very time consuming process and may take several hours for badly damaged bikes.

       LABOR is a service we offer to our customers. Our regular customers come first when it comes to getting a bike back on the road. Our labor department is small but the work is performed by 2 reliable techs with over 60 years combined experience in the field. Since there are only two of us back there the amount of time we have to devote to labor is precious and our regular customers take priority. Keeping their bikes and scooters on the road is very important to us; tires, oil changes and general service is a regular thing here. If you need a place to buy your accessories that also professionally installs them, we are what you are looking for.
   TIRES: This is one of our specialties; we really know our tires ( motorcycle and scooter) and have state of the art machines for mounting AND balancing your tires. Our tires prices are very competitive. If you have purchased tires off the web in the past; just stop by and compare our pricing, after you add in shipping, handling, and the price to mount we can be very reasonable.

   Mounting a tire with the rim off the bike purchased from us: $20
   Mounting a tire with the rim off the bike purchased elsewhere $35.

The fee for removing a front wheel and mounting the tire purchased from us is $38. and up
The fee for removing a rear wheel and mounting the tire purchased from us starts at $48 and up

 Any tire purchased elsewhere will be charged an additional   $15 per tire to these prices.

The reason we mention "and up"? There are several bikes out there that are more technically difficult to change a tire on; we have to charge more for these, on a model by model basis. If you would like an accurate quote on a tire mounting, call or sometimes we will have you ride by so we can see the bike and give you a fair quote.

 BRINGING YOUR BIKE TO US FOR SERVICE:  ALL service needs to be scheduled in advance. Due to high demand and a small storage area, we prefer bikes to be dropped off the day before the scheduled appointment and picked up within 3 days of completion. When you bring you bike in for service, we prefer that you remove any personal items from the bike. Also, if you have saddlebags, PLEASE take them off before bringing your bike in, we do not need your helmet or gear either, Carlisle Cycle and Scooter cannot be responsible for personal items.

STORAGE: When you job is complete we will call to let you know it is ready to be picked up. You have 3 days to pick up your bike and settle your balance. After 3 days you will be billed a storage fee of $7 per day ( NO EXCEPTIONS ); we do this due to limited storage space. Every bike left in our shop means one less bike that can be serviced for another customer.

CHINESE SCOOTERS: Many of these are of dubious manufacturer, and , to be honest, we prefer not to work on them.  Flat tires, oil changes, new batteries are the basic services we offer on these bikes, if it has an electrical problem? DON'T EVEN ASK. These bikes are often hard to get parts for and they just don't stay together very well. Honestly you will do better off buying a reliable brand of scooter used than one of the Chinese scoots.

 Four wheelers .Our space is very limited, so we prefer not to take them in. we do sell the parts for them, as well as keep standard tune-up parts and lubricants in stock. 

    Stella!, we know our Stella/Vespa engines very well, and can build anything from a nice reliable 150 with an after-market exhaust and a rejetted carb, all the way to a stroker-cranked big bore torque monster with a regeared transmission that will go 75+ MPH (if you want to).

We work on modern CVT transmissions as well,             

 We  know the roller tricks and compression spring magic to make your automatic scooter make the most of the power it has.

     Sometimes even superheroes show up with their bikes to be worked on, but we made sure to schedule so these two coming in at separate times.

The difference between the stock exhaust(on the far left of the pic) and some the aftermarket stock style ones. Think you need one? Come talk to us and we can help make sure to sell you the right pipe for your needs.  There are MANY choices and we know what works.

  Just because your modern scoot doesn't need its engine rebuild. That doesn't mean we can't help you stand out from the crowd! 


     Remember, we know our bikes as well. Suspensions, top ends, jetting, with over 60 years combined experience we can handle your two-wheeled needs.

 Even when the younger crowd  needs a blowout mended, we can help.


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