Tuesday, October 18, 2016


   Yes, that was us in the sidecar. One of our favorite local clubs the  Three Mile Island Scooter Club often gets together for rides in local parades. Combine a bunch of scooters, a few crazy people willing to dress in costume for the theme of the event, and you have a great excuse for an evening on the town.

     We just completed the Carlisle Halloween Parade and will also be in the Harrisburg Holiday Parade on November 19th. We all meet together to decorate our bikes and don our costumes before the parade. There are often warm drinks, lots of laughs, and a fun atmosphere waiting for the parade to start. Even when it gets cold at the Christmas parade.

     If the joy of seeing all those kids smiling faces during the parades doesn't give you a great feeling, nothing will. We even get some smiles from the adults as well.

Then, after the parade, there is usually a meet-up for food and more laughs. Really a great group to pal around with. Who doesn't like to smile? If you ever want to ride out with us; keep an eye on our Facebook page or the one for TMISC. We always have the events posted there. If you see us in the parades, make sure and wave or say hello. We LOVE hearing familiar voices.

                                                     And remember, duck and cover:


* Photo credits to Denny and Johanne. Thanks for taking the pics!

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

A little october fun

There were chores to do at home, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun. The course dead ends, so you have to do a 180 at the end and come back around.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October Specials

It's October, All Hallows Eve, Halloween, Hall-o-weeny, Samhain, All Saints eve. A month of warm drinks, excuses to dress in costume and have fun. Have fun you say? Motorcycles and scooters are at the very center of FUN.

So, for the entire month of October at Carlisle Cycle & Scooter. If you come in dressed in costume. You can get 10% off of ANY one item in the store. We can't give you 10% off a scooter or motorcycle; so we will make it $100.

That's right! Show up in costume and get $100 off any new bike or 10% off any item in the store. If you have been saving up for that new helmet or eyeing that new jacket on the wall. Now is the time, but you have to show up in costume!

                Be original, have fun, make us laugh and you will earn  money.