Thursday, April 30, 2015

A night at the museum

    How often do you get a private tour of a renowned museum just for yourself and a few friends? Make sure you  schedule to come out with us on May 6th at 6:00 PM for our own special night at the museum. The TMISC (Three Mile Island Scooter Club) has secured a special event at the AACA museum for just club members and their friends. This will be a private event JUST for us.
      There will be food; and three hours to tour the displays. There is sure to be special behind the scenes stories and glimpses into just a how the museum works and makes its displays.

      There will be bikes from Japan, Europe, and elsewhere that motivated the world when there were few cars on the road. Many of these machines spawned from a need to get people moving again after war had ravaged machines and factories. The bikes we know today have their beginnings in many of these humble, but unique machines.
    There will bikes here that even the die hard collector has never seen, or possibly even heard the name of. There are many examples of rare machines, and some are some of the finest survivors left in the United States.
     So, find the time to schedule to come out; use the link above to register with TMISC. We plan a ride out to the museum on scooters, but you are more than welcome to meet us there on two wheels or four; just be sure to register ahead. This display is not to be missed. If you look hard enough you can even find a German machine that our shop sponsored for its duration at the museum. If this interests you; be sure to check into sponsoring  a machine with the museum staff.
                                                         The event runs till October 11th of this year. If you can't make the scooter club private event; make sure to catch this cool collection of vintage and rare scooters.