Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Two digit ride. number 2

    The ride was a great success. The first one had 7 riders and this time we had 18; so we have doubled in size in just one year.
    The first stop was The Twirly Top ice cream stand outside of Mt. Holly. Sadly, they are not open on Sundays. A note of correction for next years 2 Digit Ride.We still decided to stop for pictures and to introduce the place to new folks.

    The weather could not have been better. The sun was shining and the haze of two-stroke oil was in the air. We had a great mixture of bikes, a beautiful vintage small-frame Vespa, an assortment of 50cc two strokes from Kymco and Genuine, and even a highly modified moped. This is a video being shot from a RH50. The bike PULLING AWAY is a 50cc??? Tomos moped, and then a Genuine 50cc Buddy puts on a pass. YEAH, these guys were riding like this all day.

After a brief roadside stop to let the small bikes cool down.

The ride continued on to a  great roadside attraction. Mr. Ed's Elephant museum for Candy and sweets. If you like roadside attractions or elephants be sure to stop by.
There is plenty of parking.

There was a great lunch stop in Gettysburg at the Lincoln Diner

There were NO shenanigans at this table. 

Overall a fantastic day. The bikes ran great, and the weather was awesome. The food at the Lincoln was good and we all bought way too much candy at Mr. Eds. As always, we all found ourselves back at the shop way to soon. There will be more rides from the shop soon and be SURE to keep your eyes open for next years 2 Digit ride. If you want see more pics and video check A Symba in the Wild.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It ran when I parked it.

    It is that time of year again. The time of year when bikes were parked without any thoughts of spring. It got cold, you forgot to hook up the battery tender and stabilize the fuel. Its okay; we have even done that a time or two ourselves. Don't worry; we can help.
      The first thing is electricity. You need it to go. That means you need a good battery; if the old one is failing bring it to us. We can tell you without a doubt if it can be recharged and saved or if you need a new one. We save the old one when we can. If not. We STOCK dozens of batteries and have ones for most bikes on the road here IN THE SHOP.
    The next thing is the fuel. HOPEFULLY you remembered to stabilize it last fall with K100 or your other favorite brand of fuel stabilizer. There are several we sell, but we have found the K100 to perform the best.
     If you forgot to stabilize your fuel last year; this is where the K100 gets to shine over star tron and lucas(which we also sell). We can send you home with a bottle and instructions on how you might just get it running WITHOUT pulling the fuel system apart and cleaning the carb/injectors. We have never seen anything absorb water and clean small passages as well as this stuff.
The trick here is to give it a try. Stop by the shop to pick up a bottle and we will tell you the tricks to try before you bring the bike to us for a carb clean or fuel system overhaul. If that becomes necessary we can help you there as well.
There are times when all a bike needs is a fresh set of spark plugs to get it back on its feet. We keep hundreds in stock for ALL types of engines. This is often an overlooked item when trying to get a bike to fire up for you. If the battery is strong, the fuel is good and it just won't start or run correctly, stop by and get some fresh plugs.
 We want you back on the road in the breeze. There are lots of tips and tricks to keep you running and we know them all. Stop by and let us help you keep smiling.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


    We are in the business of selling AND mounting tires. We have been doing this for decades and you can consider us experts. If it can or has been done with a round rubber device; we know how. You can bring us the rim off the bike, or the complete motorcycle; however you feel the need to have us do the work. Bead locks, split rims, angled stems, tubes, tubeless, clinchers; we can do it all.
     A little bit about mounting tires. It CAN be done at home by hand with irons, but we didn't invest $7,000 in a tire machine and a balancer because we like to waste money. We have them because they are effective and do not damage the rims or tires as we change them. We are masters of how they work and what to do when we encounter problems. We can change the tire on your sport bike, split rim scooter, or 70's KZ900 without screwing things up. We use a high speed Snap-on electronic balancer to ensure that your tires perform correctly at speed.
      Buying tires. Here we can also help. We offer hefty discounts on our tires every month, This varies from month to month. For example, this month we have Dunlop, Metzeler, and Pirelli  at  30% off retail pricing. This means a Michelin Pilot Power that retail for $207.95, we sell for $154.95! Are your eyes open yet? Also, we DO NOT charge for shipping. You save on the mounting, too. We don't need you to buy everything from us (that would be great); just that you call and give us a try. We know tires and try to be very competitive with our prices. You might be surprised just how easy it is to support the local guy. If its a tire, we CAN get it, don't think there is something out there we haven't heard of or don't know how to mount. There isn't. We can be helpful at pointing you in the right direction for a tire that will work for YOU. Not all tires are made the same, or work for the same purpose. We know what works and what doesn't.
     If you check our tire mounting prices under the service tab. You will see the mounting prices are less expensive per tire when you purchase the tires from us. If you are looking for a "deal", the best way to get one is to be a regular customer. We are a full service shop and we strive to meet ALL of your needs.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stella auto

       The Genuine Stella Automatic. The Stella people have been waiting for. A modern motor in a steel "vintage" frame. All the looks without the hassles of being truly vintage. A modern 125 motor with a CVT transmission hidden underneath a vintage steel body. Reliable, quick to 45MPH, and great around town. The bike has a top speed of about 55M.P.H. and is good for all but high speed highway use. It even has the ability to find rainbows.
The bike received some bad press when it first came out with a bad ignition module. The issue was resolved by dealers and Genuine issued a recall with the problem solved. All of our Stellas in stock have had the updated ignition installed and our demo has been problem free. The Stella starts easily with the push of a button, but still has the old reliable kickstarter on the side, just in case you old school guys leave the key on and drain the battery.
The bike is a fun ride and our demo has been fully tested in all kinds of foul weather. The picture below was taken after a lunch run with a friend during an hour of rain. The Stellauto didn't miss a beat (nor did the SYM). The bikes and the riders had a good lunch at Tres Hermanos and then rode home in the rain with no issues.
  Some of this blog post has been published before; so why revisit the Stellauto you ask? Simple, we have had a number of  people that have been interested in the auto Stella and now Genuine has made an offer that is hard to resist.
 In celebration of the Stella's birthday they are offering $500, YES, $500 dollars off the purchase price off a new Stella auto for the month of May ONLY. We are Stella experts; stop by and let us talk to you about one. Remember, this deal is only good for this month.