Monday, March 21, 2016

Third annual Shrinky Dink comes to a close.

    The Third Annual Shrinky Dink Ride competition has come to an end.We had some weird weather for this one with almost summer like conditions till Christmas time, and only one or two brutal cold snaps. But, people still managed to get their rides logged in.

     The cheering section was in place to keep riders motivated with a smile.

    Our longest ride in under 32 degree temps was put in by Tony at 162 miles in 25-28 degree temps. He made good use of heated gear and a good machine and really put in the miles.

     The cold snap DID hit and our coldest ride this year was in 5 degrees (the guy was riding a 50cc machine). video here

    We had several other riders brave the cold and get their machines out for a little exercise. Some were more impressive than others, but all that rode deserve a salute. It takes the right gear and a good mindset to ride in the cold. We can sell you all the gear you need, but the heart to do it is up to you.


    Our winner this year  was Tim who did some of his rides on a 250cc Ninja, but most on a Genuine buddy 170i . He completed several dozen short rides and hops in temps ranging from 12-31 degrees which put him in the lead with just a few days to go.

    Did Tony go easy on him? Will Tim need to put in some longer rides next year? Should Adam have registered ALL of his rides? We will see next year.

     Everyone who rode is entitled to a free shrinky dink just for participating, they are at the shop ready and waiting. Tim and Tony can stop by (or call) to find out what they have won and pick up their prizes.

    We will be doing this again next year. Keep an eye out here on our blog, and like our facebook for future events. Its a fun way to get your bike out for rides in the winter, learn how to layer with the right gear to be comfortable, and just have some good competitive fun!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Stella rebuilds

   We have earned a reputation for very reliable Stella rebuilds here. We can build a reliable bike that makes far more power than stock. We know how to make fast, peaky motors but our specialty is the "touring build". We have built several Stellas with new parts that can run over 60 M.P.H. all day with top speeds approaching 80 M.P.H.

      We just thought a little video showing the quality of the parts we use might be appropriate.


         We have learned many tricks over the years for a good build, but it all starts with the right parts. "Speed is only a matter of money; how fast do you want to go? "

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

10 Years of the Genuine Buddy

Genuine Scooters has been selling the Buddy line of scooters for 10 years. This scooter comes in a 50cc two-stroke, and a 125 and 170i four-stroke model. They have become known as one of the most reliable small scooters in America. To celebrate, Genuine is giving away one of their 10th anniversary models. All you have to do is stop by the shop and ask us to register you for a chance to win. It is THAT EASY! We have the anniversary editions on the floor; so you can check out what you might win ahead of time.