Monday, August 24, 2015

Three riders, 3 rides, 300 cc's

     There is no question that big engines are fun, but you don't need a big engine to have fun! It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, so we decided to "test" some of the machines that we sell. It IS a tough job, but someone has to do it.
     As usual, there were lots of back roads and good scenery in the mix. There are times you even find something fast when riding slow.

                       Sometimes even something goofy; like your daughter styling in her Corazzo jacket 

    After a stop at the covered bridge, we took our trusty steeds and charged our way to lunch. Okay, it may be hard to charge at 44 MPH, but the Lance Cabo and Sym Symba were willing to wait for the 49cc Kymco. So we searched, and rode some more. Until, at last, we found food and something as slow as we were.

     The food at the Mountaingate family restaurant was good. We had to find a new place as one of our favorites, the Cozy, is gone. We knew it had closed, but were shocked to see an empty lot where it once stood. So, we set on on our ride home. We had almost 50 miles under our belt for the day already. It was time to fill up these frugal rides.

     It was three bikes, a good bit of riding. I was wondering how much filling ALL THREE bikes would be on one pump. Yes, that is all three of the bikes filled up after 40+ miles. Just one of the many things that keeps riding  these so much fun.