Thursday, April 28, 2016

"I am looking for the perfect mid size scooter"

    These questions comes up in our shop at least once a week. "I wish there was something just a little bigger". "I want to be able to ride two up in comfort but I don't want a maxi-scooter". "Do you have anything that gets great mileage, but can run a few exits down the highway?" The answer to ALL of these questions is YES.
      We have many riders that have 125/150 class scooters. They are often are very happy with them, but sometimes want "just a little more". The 10 inch wheels are just a little too pothole sensitive, or the small lightweight body, while great around town, gets moved around when they run down the local 4 lane highway for a few miles to meet friends for dinner. We have a great solution.

     Lets' see...

  1.) Liquid cooled hi-tech 4 valve motor...check!
  2.) A top speed over over 70 M.P.H.... check!
  3.) A full 2 year warranty in case of any issues... check!
  4.) A large 60 watt headlight so you can really see the road at night... check!
  5.) Large diameter wheels to handle the bumpy PA. roads... check!
  6.) Good fuel mileage above 70 M.P.G....  check!
  7.) Real suspension and disc brakes on both wheels... check!

       All this in a package that can easily haul two people, but still not too heavy.   The SYM HD200   is just the machine you are looking for. Many riders don't realize that a 170 class GY6 scooter makes about 11 or 12 horsepower. The liquid-cooled engine in the HD makes 15.1 HP. That is a huge difference when you want to run at highway speeds.
   The price? With many of the better 150/170 class fuel injected models now topping $3,000 the HD200 falls in the very reasonable range at $3,495. We have one on the floor, come by and check it out. It might be just what you were looking for.  Kind of like Goldilocks, not too big, and not too small, but JUST right.


    The other 200cc offering from SYM is the RV200 evo. A sporty scooter with great speed, handling and brakes for its class. The price of $3,699 makes this scooter a bargain in today's pricing.

It even has the gadget dash and does the needle sweep to let everyone know it's high-tech.


Friday, April 15, 2016

A little something for our Military, LEO's, and first responders

    Lance and SYM (two brands we sell) have decided to offer a discount for college students, first responders, military, and LEO's for 2016. We think this is a GREAT idea.
The details are here. Check out their bikes and come take advantage of this special offer. We have several on the floor, and can get in whatever you need.