Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How do we do it? (Riding in the cold)

    Wow, you guys must be tough!

You guys are some kind of Neanderthals !

You guys are just crazy! (Okay, THAT may be true)

But, the question remains, how do we DO IT? Well, it is true that a positive mental attitude is key to riding in the cold. A well maintained bike with proper tires, a good battery; all those things are important as well. The NUMBER ONE trick to riding in the cold? THE RIGHT GEAR.

The ugly white stuff hasn't even started yet, so lets be prepared shall we?

So, just what do you need when the temperature starts to get cold?
Surprisingly, not much between 60 and 32 degrees. Start at the top.
A good full-face helmet is the best way to keep your face intact.

If the wind is sneaking in past that, a wonderful device known as a balaclava does the trick.

 We are snobs, and carry these in silk, chamois, and polar fleece. Thin, and easy to carry in a pocket at all times. We have one in each of our riding jackets.

Next, of course is a good undergarment. Pick your poison here. We prefer silk or polar fleece, however there are too many choices to go into here. Just remember the first rule of cold weather gear cotton kills. If it is made of cotton you need something better.

A good jacket ( again there are a million choices). We are dealers for CorazzoTourmasterCortechAlpinestarICONZ1R, FLY,  Firstgear, and Riverroad just to name a few. Purchase as good a jacket as you can afford and go from there. None of us started with the best, so don't worry. We can help you no matter what the budget.
    Cold weather coats don't have to be boring; they range everywhere from mild to wild.

Next of course is a good set of winter gloves. We have choices from $29 to $150 in the cold weather glove area. You can ride to amazingly cold temps with a good $50 pair of winter gloves.  We know what works and what doesn't.

Are your legs cold? There are items way beyond a simple pair of chaps these days ( though they still work). There are full overpants that zip over your existing pants to keep you warm, and zip off when you get where you are going. 

We even have scooter capes from Cheeky Seats for your legs and lap. They work REALLY well.

Lastly, don't forget a good set of proper boots. The trick really is going from top to bottom and making sure the wind (and cold) doesn't get in.Not too hard with a few of the right pieces of gear.

Now, when the temps drop below the freezing mark. We expect most to leave their rides in the garage. If you decide to venture out below those temps. We have electric heated gear, and snowmobile one piece suits. We ride All winter and know how to make these work properly. If you want to ride that cold, PLEASE come see us. We would love to help. We even have a winter Shrinky Dink contest for those who do. Complete with prizes for the ones willing to go hardcore. Watch for that to start on December 21st

We even have gear to outfit the bike itself for cool weather.

Heated grips, wind skirts, and hand protectors are just a few of the tricks we have up our sleeves.

So, to sum up. We don't expect everyone to ride in the 20's. However, with just a small investment in riding gear, you can extend your riding season 2 months on each end easily. Now isn't THAT a good idea? With good gear, a 50 degree day in January feels wonderful. 
Don't be nervous, peek your head out, and let us show you how to have fun.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Scooter Jousting take 2

   Our only private event of the year, our 2nd annual scooter joust was, once again, a success. The first year went so well; why not do it again? The weapons had evolved a bit, the hand to hand combat was improved, and still we all went home in one piece.

      Some folks showed up early to say hello, test out the equipment, and perhaps get a little practice time in.

There was training.

This year we we had young and old riders both prepared to take the field.

We had some young squires, but still ready to do battle!

Some were even armoured for protection. ( Cute ain't he? )

The spectators were lining up. I think they were expecting some sort of mayhem. Some of them may have helped create some themselves.

Once the jousting started it was all smiles ( with maybe a few bruises ).
We used soda bottles attached to the helmets with Velcro. The object? Remove the soda bottle from your opponents helmet in ANY manner you see fit.

                                                 That hammer packed quite the wallop.

Just a small sample of the action. Proving that size doesn't matter, well, sort of.

This went on for hours, the bikes were battered beyond belief, but with a few mechanic interventions they managed to stay running all day.

Later, once it got too dark to joust. It was time to fire up the grill, and have some food. We even squeezed in a birthday cake somewhere.

 There was firewood that needed to be burned as well.

We didn't use our SYM scooters for the jousting, but we can use the shipping crates to stay warm at night. Besides, they sure do burn nicely.

As people slowly headed home, a few of us took up residence around the fire for the evening. Warm stones, and plenty to burn staved off the chill into the night.

Until next year!. Keep your eyes here or our Facebook page for our next event.