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There are several good local clubs in the area. This is a page for their contact info and events. The more you ride, the more we like it, sometimes a club of like minded riders is the way to go.If you are interested in having your club info posted just send  an email to

Want to ride?
Carlisle Cycle and Scooter often sponsors  rides and events, some are very last minute and some are planned months in advance. Keep an eye here on this blog, or often on our Facebook page for upcoming events.

Events we attend,  sponsor or are just too cool to miss. Need a good ride for the weekend? Be sure to look here. 2018 is starting to form up nicely, get out your calendar and get ready to ride.


2017 (Send us your event information)

   August 11-13 Corsette 2017 Buffalo, NY

   August 26 Mods vs. Rockers  Baltimore, MD.

   September 9-10 PATRA dual-sport event Seven Mountains, PA.

   September 24 Hill Climb White Rose Motorcycle club   Spring Grove, PA.

  2018 Events (send us your info)

    January 13 Escanaba in da moonlight  Carlisle, PA.

    January 12-14  Freeze Your Balls Off Rally  Durham, NC

    January 20 Arenacross  Wilkes Barre, PA. (We have discount tickets).

    January 28  York Bike Swap meet  York, PA

     February 17-18 Motorama  Harrisburg, PA

  **February 24 Shrinky Dink 5   Carlisle, PA.

      March 4   Movie and Memorabilia Night   Camp Hill, PA.

      March 31 14th annual Bunny Run   Hershey, PA.
     April 27-28  Antique Motorcycle Club   Oley, PA

     May 5-6  Observed Trials  White Rose Motorcycle club   Spring Grove, PA.

  * May 11-13 Whiskey Dick 7   Pocono Manor, PA

     May 19-20 Skip Stoner memorial hare scramble  Frackville, PA.

     May 20 British Motorcycle Day  Clarksville, MD.

     May 26   ABATE memorial ride to Ft. Indiantown Gap National Cemetery

     May 26-June 4 Scooter Cannonball run    Morro Bay, CA to Virginia Beach VA

     June 2  PA wounded warrior band night  Carlisle, PA

    June 6-11 Corsa IFP 2018  Richmond, VA

    June 6-10  Amerivespa,  Richmond, VA

    June 21-22  Bandcamp New Somerset, OH

    July 6-8 AMA vintage motorcycle days  Lexington, OH

    July 19-22  Lambretta Jamboree   Seattle, WA.

    July 28   Pro AMA hill climb  White Rose Motorcycle club, Spring Grove, PA.

   *August 3-5 TMISC Meltdown   Camp Hill, PA

    August 17-19  Vintage Japanese Swap meet  White Rose MC Club   Spring Grove, PA

    August 24-26 The Oddball Showdown, Parsonsburg, MD.

     September 9  Michaux state enduro  South Penn Enduro Riders Sippensburg, PA

     September 22 24th annual York Bike Night   York, PA

     September 28-29 Antique Motorcycle Club   Jefferson, PA

     October 4-7 Scooter X games

     October 5-7 Barber Motorsports  Birmingham, AL

     October 10-11  NSP Rally Gettysburg, PA

     October 20  3rd annual trail ride   White Rose Motorcycle club, Spring Grove, PA.

**Sponsored Carlisle Cycle and Scooter event we are putting on.

* Event we sponsor

   There are several good pages for events (other than ours)

     Scooter Rallies

     AMA events


     PA. Trailriders and dual sport

     Turnpike ramblers a local family style motorcycle road  club

     For motorcycle safety class scheduling. The course is a great leg up in riding on two wheels.

The Three Mile Island Scooter Club was founded in 2002 to promote scooter riding as the best form of transportation known to modern man, and the best preventative measure against radiation exposure. Scooterists and Groupies of all shapes, sizes, sexes are welcome to join us for rides, conversation and anti-radiation therapy.

During the global warming part of the year, when the living is easy and scooters are swarming, we meet every Wednesday at juice and grind in Lemoyne. We will be at the parking lot. From there, we will ride out to a locale where the beer is cold and the food is tolerable.

  Like to get dirty? Check South Penn enduro.

    Just an idea of the types of adventure we may get into on sparrow-trek-dirt-final-frontier; a little dirt adventure we took on bikes not really suited for the job, but the smiles say it worked.
How about a day long two digit ride to Centralia, PA? Why call the ride "two-digit"? The fun of this ride was that all of us tried to show up on bikes with only two digits of displacement. You have never had fun on a 49cc scooter till you have climbed a steep Pennsylvania mountain on one.

 Feel free to contact us about listing your events on this page.




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