Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Why won't my bike start?

   Spring is coming, and hopefully you have been riding on and off throughout the winter months. If you haven't been, we hope you remembered to prep the bike for winter storage before you put it away. If you didn't add K100 to your fuel and connect your battery to a charger; we can still try to help.

     Always start at the beginning. You WILL need a good, fully charged battery to get things going. If you aren't sure of yours; bring it in and we can test it and charge it for you. If it is past it's prime we will have one in stock for your bike. We stock batteries in for ALL BIKES, even Harley Davidson.

The second thing you will need is fresh fuel. An easy way to keep your fuel fresh is with some K100 fuel stabilizer. We now stock quarts, too.

When you stop by to pick up the K100; we can share a few tips and tricks we know for getting the fresh fuel into where it needs to be on the bike.

Most of the time a fresh well-charged battery and some K100 will do the trick. If your bike still doesn't want to get going you may need new spark plugs.Luckily, we have you covered there as well.

If you have a carbureted  machine you may need to clean that too. Usually, if fuel stabilizer was added in the fall, this step this will not be necessary. But, if it is, we are very experienced with carbs and know how to diagnose and clean them.  We can take your carb, clean it, and give it back to you ready to go onto your bike for a reasonable price. We are not consulting yahoos on youtube for the carb cleaning process. We have the proper tools and experience.  We have done hundreds, if not thousands of carbs. So, we know how to get it RIGHT.

When you are ready to get it running; come by and see us. We can help. Remember, as soon as the warm weather hits. We WILL get backed up very quickly.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Snow days can be fun too.

    After getting a few bikes fixed at the shop, we promptly closed the doors at 2:00 (a rare thing indeed) and headed home for some much needed play time.

     The snow was falling, fluffy and light. PERFECT traction for knobbie tires.

It was hard to keep a clear, fog free faceshield to see where we were going. Luckily, we have the correct gear intended just for that purpose (we can even sell it to you as well).

Remember, you don't have to spend a fortune to get out and have fun in the snow. A 20 year old mount will still get the job done with decent tires on the rim.

The bikes were going well and we were riding all over "our" mountain. Time to see if the scooters could move in the snow too. We knew it wasn't going to be their forte, but just wanted to see if we could get where we wanted to go.


We won't lie. This is not a ride for beginners and, if you look, that rear tire is sliding around pretty well. However, the Lance Cabo did manage to make the drive up the entire road in the snow. Not too shabby.

We had a blast. After getting wet, sweaty and tired; we declared it a great snow day and went in to cozy up around the fire with some hot cocoa.


Saturday, February 10, 2018

New Leather Jackets IN STOCK.

   We are proud to carry the new Highway 21 line of leather jackets and apparel in our shop. These jackets are made with quality materials. These models have CE approved armour, air vents for hot weather, and quality YKK zippers among other features.
     As many of our customers know; Pennsylvania is a "shall issue" carry state, for those of you who choose. Highway 21 jackets even have built in holsters on many of their higher end lines.

They offer a brown leather for those of us who don't want another black jacket.

The Marksman armoured flannel is always popular at just $119.

There are also armoured hoodies.

 The Gearhead mechanic jacket comes with a separate armoured hoodie included.

We really do have ALL the sizes covered. Stop by and pick one out for yourself.


Thursday, February 1, 2018

February Specials

   Spring is right around the corner. February is the last month to get the cold weather deals.


We are bringing in new jackets and gear for spring. That means we are selling off last years stock at the BEST deals of the year. Stop by and take advantage.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

January Deals!

The Boss decided to keep a few of our Holiday specials going through January. The bikes are here till sold (In STOCK only) Three have already been sold. These are the winter time deals!

1.) $400 off Genuine buddy 125 in red
$300 off Lance Cali 150, and Genuine Hooligan 170i
$200 off matte titanium RH50, Sym Wolf 150 and SYM HD200 
$100 off Genuine buddy 125 in green.

2.) All Helmets in stock get a free Balaclava head cover with purchase

3.) All DS25 winter gloves in stock $19.95

4.) Phone and drink holders just $16.95 for any style in stock.

5.) Cheeky seats scooter scarves just $20 in stock!

6.) Airhawk and gel seats just $99

8.) Hand warmers (hippo hands) $19.95     

9.) Warm winter hats $20.

11.) Spectro bike polish spray $6                      

12.) Helmet security locks $25.

13.) BRCC Coffee.  

14.) Discount jacket rack HALF PRICE.                

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Merry Christmas

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our customers...wish them a happy and prosperous New Year.
      If you have shopped here already; you know we are a small family owned shop, but we are passionate and honest about what we do. We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming year.
     If you have never been here? Stop by and visit, we love to talk 2 wheels.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Shrinky Dink V

    The next event begins Dec. 21 and will end March 20th. 2018.


The rules.

The rules are pretty simple and loosely followed at best. 
1) BE SAFE! You all know your limits, but don't risk life and limb, too much, for a good result. This is supposed to be FUN.
2.) The challenge will start on December 21st and run through March 20th.
3.) The ride will have two classes. Motorcycles and Scooters; if you have one of those wierd in between bikes we will make it up as we go. DON'T WORRY! We have this covered; just ride SOMETHING!
4.) This is pretty simple, the coldest temperature wins, sort of. TRY to take a pic in front of a temperature sign somewhere. We realize this isn't always possible, so you CAN use your phone in a pinch. NO CHEATING! We are putting you on your honour to be fair.
5.) The ride has to be 5 miles or longer to count (total length). The longer the ride the more points it gets. We have a formula worked out for this. It's math stuff, don't worry we have that under control. So, if you do 11 miles in -2 and some nut does 80 miles in 3 degrees. He/she MIGHT just beat you. There are extra points for stupidity (just remember rule #1)
6.) This contest is open to residents of the U.S. only.
7.)If you think it is too warm where you live? Do it anyway, remember points are awarded for originality, stupidity, and bravery. This is supposed to be FUN. The first year the Shrinky Dink was won by a southern rider who got lucky on a cold snap in the south.
     That's it for the rules we think. Ride. Post your pics on our  Facebook page. We will post a few for fun, but will save the results till the end. There will be a chat about the ride during the event. Also feel free to post comments here.
Yes, there will be prizes. They may or may not be amazing. Ride now. ride often.
   There will be an open house at Carlisle Cycle and Scooter on Saturday February 24th.  It is part of our winter riding contest There will be some snacks and lots of warm beverages to keep you toasty. IF the weather is decent some folks will ride in. If you want to arrive on 4 wheels that is just fine,too. Stop by and enjoy the people riding in. There will be lots of shenanigans, and some short rides around the block as well. The sidecar rig will be out and running no matter what the weather (we have snow tires). The shop will be staying open late; stop by, laugh, ask questions, talk bikes and scooters. There will be movies later in the evening on the projector if you would like to stay.
    The weather is already turning cold. Remember, BE SAFE out there, and have fun. Remember, you don't have to win for this to be fun. It is all about the ride!
    A little tip: If its over 32 degrees it doesn't count. But you can ride anyway. Be sure to post ALL of your rides below 32. They all add up.


We have been asked many times just how we score this. There are secret modifiers, BUT the basic scoring system is as follows.

   Any ride under 32 degrees F counts. For every degree under, that factor gets multiplied times the mileage of the ride. In other words. 10 miles in 30 degrees = 10 x 2 = 20 points. The same ride in 15 degrees would be 10 x 17 = 170 points. The cold rides REALLY add up fast. Remember, we had a winner two years ago with a large number of short hops to work, but he rode almost EVERY DAY.

New for this year, BONUS POINTS:

+500 A naked ride, +500 for the coldest ride,  but  +200 for any ride done in the buff. A helmet, gloves and footwear are allowable. ( This is the only ride where points are awarded for a ride under 5 miles; around the block will do.). Yes, you can do more than one, but you won't want to.

+1,000 points (YES, 1,000) Absolute coldest ride, MUST be 5 miles or more. The absolute coldest temp wins this one. There will only be one. In case of a tie the longer ride wins.

+250 points The longest ride under 32 degrees. Total mileage for the day wins here.( We may name this the Tony award)

+200 points for attending the shop Shrinky Dink 5 event on a bike.  The ride in has to be at least 5 miles. So, you far away riders can truck it in part of the way if you like.

+100 points for ridiculous terrain ( there will need to be a pic)...if it makes the judges wonder how the heck you got there...it counts. This can be awarded multiple times.

The longest ride IN snow. Obviously this could be dangerous. Remember rule #1. Be safe.  +300 if the machine has 3 wheels. +500 if it has 2 wheels. There will be 2nd and third place awards here. Each one dropping 100 points from the 1st place award. ( We need a pic of the bike IN the snow)

Rides on 50cc machines or mopeds get a bonus of a 1.5x multiplier on all points.

Vintage bikes. Anything built before 1992 will receive the same multiplier as 50cc machines. All points multiplied by 1.5x. 
^^^ The bonus for vintage and 50cc are NOT stack able.

+600 points if you manage to end up on television in one of their "bad weather" segments.

+100 for the FIRST post in the contest

+100 for the LAST post in the contest

Go to the FB page Shrinky Dink Entries to post your results. Social media IS a thing, ONLY rides posted this year will count. If you don't post it, it doesn't count.

We work on an honour system here. We will trust you. If you say you did it, you did. Keep track of your mileage and temp on the days you ride. The only things we require a photo for is the coldest absolute ride. We need a picture of a bank sign, or if one isn't nearby, a screen shot of your phone with the temp will do in a pinch. We also need a pic for the snow ride. Last, but not least we need a naked ride pic ( NO we do not need to see your junk) of you on the bike. Last year we were supplied with video proof of a lunatic riding by his house on New Years.

Get out and ride. We have cold weather gear if you need it, stop by. BE SAFE, and have fun. Make sure to check back often as new bonus rides will be added periodically.