Sunday, April 16, 2017

What fits well on my R.V.?

    We often have customers who are searching for a good scooter to place on the back of their RV. This is quite a good idea.
You get the RV to your campsite, everything is set-up for the week, and you want to run into town for ice, food, or to see that cool band at the bar. Who wants to haul that giant RV into town when you can hop on a 49cc scoot; throw on a helmet and some gloves and have a nice ride into town?

I  know what we would do. We have been bringing a "pit-bike" with us to the races and off-road events for years. It occurred to us early on to have one with a legal tag. We could run into town, get firewood, or just take a nice ride in the county-side for a few hours Saturday night.

Allow us to share what we offer.
We still prefer two stroke engines due to the power advantage over the  four-strokes. However, the 4T's are getting faster, with better cylinder heads, and higher tech engines. All of these bikes can be seen on our sales pages  here.

Genuine offers the buddy 50  starting at $1995. A small 49cc 2T runner. We have seen buddies 10 years old with over 20K miles on the clock and running like a top. If the rider is shorter than 5'3" this is a great choice as this company offers a short seat as well as a lowered shock to accommodate "fun-sized riders".  We have a customer  with both feet on the ground at 4'10" tall.

The Roughhouse 50 is the more rugged version of the buddy. Equipped with 50/50 tires capable of light dirt use and asphalt riding as well. This is the one you want to take the dirt "road" down to the fishing hole. The same 2T motor as the buddy 50. Both of these bikes are capable of 45 MPH ( derestricted) and have a host of well fitting accessories such as rear racks, windshields and hop-up parts.  Again, $1,999 gets you on the road. The sport version goes for $2295.

Then there are the  four-strokes. These are  the clean and green versions of the 50cc world. Genuine Scooters are on board with their new Venture for just $1,599. A 3 valve engine with water cooling so it can run hard and stay reliable.
Lance has been in the 50cc game for a while with several offerings. They have gone all four stroke with their bikes. This means no oil to mix with the gas.
They have 5 models to choose from in the 50 cc range:
The SOHO 50cc at $1799

Their Cabo comes in a 50cc version at $1,699.

The PCH50 at $1,599.

The Cali Classic  50 sits at $1,799 with a different look for a small scooter

As well as the Havana 50cc at $1,799 to round out Lances offering.

We would be remiss to forget to mention SYM and their Mio 50 and its unique looks at $1,999

As you can see, there are plenty of choices for that 50cc to fit on the end of your camper or the hitch of your pick-up. The prices range from $1600 to $2200 so you won't have to break the bank to have some fun. Did we mention fun? Yes, not only are these economical to ride and maintain, often getting 100 MPG in fuel economy, but they are a blast on a warm day. Far more fun to explore with than the big guys.

Stop by and chat with us. We can show you some scooters and even help you figure out how to haul them. We know what works and what doesn't.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

April specials

    Come in and take advantage of our specials for the month of April! GREAT deal on remaining Icon helmets.

Friday, March 24, 2017

It's SPRING!!!

  The winters get kind of long in the motorcycle business. So...on that note. The song came on, things happened.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Shrinky Dink 4

    Spring is officially here. It is time to ride. We sure hope you spent THE WINTER getting your projects done, your bikes fixed and purchased your riding gear.

    This means the Shrinky Dink IV has officially ended.  We had a few more active riders than last year, but could always use more. We know there are more of you out there riding in the cold. Look for the 5th annual and join in for the fun next year.

   Now to the results. Tony won this year, because he was just a machine. Long rides two up early on in the contest racked up almost an insurmountable lead. Tony and his riding partner Yvonne were riding 10 miles to go workout, and then 100+ to go see the inner Harbor in Baltimore. He was really putting the miles on.

There is a rumor he takes Yvonne so she gets chilly; just so he gets to warm her up at home. In all honesty; they make use of good heated gear, properly set-up bikes to put in the miles. Does the electric gear cost him a few points on the tally. YES (everyone asks), but he puts down so many miles it doesn't matter.

Second places goes to Michael (Stiltz) for taking the time and effort to make the cold rides in Baltimore, even in the slush a few times, sometimes....without the best of gear (you may have seen the video).

Stiltz received 2nd place thru gentlemanly determination and a wee bit of madness.

We believe third place needs to log more of his entrees. We see him on two wheels all the time, but he fails to record them with us.. Tim was beaten out of 1st place and relegated to third this year.
   Tim's technique for winter riding is much like mine, just get on the bike and ride. Wear enough gear until it doesn't hurt. 

    Good job to all three winners. We had other entrees, but these three riders put in the miles. It was an odd winter for the contest as there were no truly awful days with negative temperatures to go for the honorable mention worst ride of the year.

Prizes? Oh yes, there are. Did we forget to mention? This isn't just for fun, but we give away prizes to the winners as well.

1st Place. Since Yvonne rides with you. You get 2 free tee shirts from Carlisle Cycle and Scooter AND (drum roll). Two free bike inspections for 2017. Bring your rides by the shop and we will do your PA state inspections on us.

2nd Place gets a free tee shirt. The size and colour are your choice.

3rd place gets a free tee as well, but we get to pick the colour. ( It has to be less than 2nd somehow).

    Thank you for taking the time to enter. We think this is quite a good time. We WILL be doing it again next year! Remember to watch for the start at the beginning of the Winter Solstice. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Counteract balancing beads

     Something new in the shop. We have been hearing about Counteract balancing beads for a few years. We have friends using them and they have seen positive results. When I realized the trucking industry has been using them for years we decided to make the investment. These guys spend millions a year on tires, and they use balancing beads. That says it all. We also read up on the SAE tests on these, and they do work!


    We have kits in stock to sell if you prefer to install them yourself, AND we offer them as an upgrade when you have us install your tires. We are seeing better tire life and far less uneven wear with these. We have them in our own tires. Lower tire temperatures, and longer tire life is very important on motorcycle and especially small scooter tires.
   We have a professional installation tool here at the shop, but this home method works almost as well. If you buy the beads from us, we will install them for free when we change your tires .

Stop by our shop. Increase your tire life, and smooth out your ride. The coffee is always on.



Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Get out and RIDE

    Anyone that knows us has seen that we ALWAYS support riding. Be it in the dirt, the road or anywhere between. We love to ride and do it as much as possible.

We rode to work this morning. So? How do we do it? GEAR. That is the most important part. Everyone was out just 9 days ago riding when the temps were in the 70's. There is no reason to put them back away. IF you have the right gear you can ride comfortably into the summer days.

 I am often referred to as some sort of Viking for riding in the cold. I have a little secret to share. I had a very serious fight with Lymes disease a few years back that put me in the hospital. The important part of this? It also stripped my ability to withstand the cold like I always had. What to do? Buy more and better gear to ride, hunt and hike in.  I go out as often as I always did. I just own better gear than I used to. So, if  you are thin, from the south, not used to the cold. WE CAN keep you riding.

Okay, okay, some of us are nuts and ride when its REALLY cold. We even compete in the annual Shrinky Dink. What I am talking about here is NOW, spring is right around the corner. You woke your ride from its slumber. Don't put it back away. We all know that March "comes in like a lion". Dial up your game and be a lion tamer. Get out the gear and keep riding. If you just said " I don't have the gear". We think you know where to come. It's almost summer; so we have discounted the electric gear, balaclavas, and winter gloves still in stock. Come take advantage and RIDE. Did we mention it is time to RIDE?