Thursday, June 28, 2018

Street bikes on dirt roads. YES YOU CAN

It was a beautiful Monday. What better way to spend the afternoon and take a ride with your son? We were thinking of doing a little more dual sport riding this year. so, we decided to ride up to the PATRA trail head and have a look. We will be back with the right bike and a registration.

     The DRZ400 wasn't quite up to being street legal yet; so we improvised taking the street bikes. Who says you can't do gravel roads (not the trails) on a Kawasaki ZRX1200 and a Yamaha FZ6? The big 180-17 rear tires dance around a bit on the gravel, but if you keep the speeds "reasonable" you will be just fine.

   We ventured around on some back roads and found The Mount Pisgah Altar and stopped to take a few pics of the beautiful view.           

The Altar is quite the sight and surrounded by great roads. The initials or symbol in the setting stone is, however, a mystery to us.


                                          We even had a visitor at one of our roadside stops.

                                There is ALWAYS time for ice cream at Howells Ice Cream King                                                                  

The FZ6 even hit another milestone for us on the way home. Cody is really enjoying his new (to him) motorcycle.

Overall a great evening of putting dust on the bikes and burning some fuel. About 130 miles of easy riding and smiles. Why don't we do this every chance we get?