Genuine Scooters

       We sell the full line of Genuine Scooters. We keep many in stock, but if you are looking for a colour on a model we don't have; we would be happy to get it in for you. Their line of scooters has been VERY reliable and there are plenty of well made accessories for their machines. We invite you to stop by and check them out; we are always happy to talk about our genuines. They aren't just scooters that we sell, but everyone in the shop rides one as well. Check the links below for all the specs and color options.

       Buddy 50
       Buddy 125
       Buddy 170i


  The Kick is new for this year. Standing inline next to other high-end scooters with top of the line features such as disc brakes front and rear as well as electronic fuel injection. The kick brings a proven engine and great looks to the Genuine line.

        Buddy Kick

  The bad boy on the block is the Hooligan. A new offering with a 170 fuel injected motor, bigger wheels and great brakes. It also has one of the best headlights I have seen on a mid sized scooter.  

      Hooligan 170i


      One of our most popular sellers is the Roughhouse 50. A tough all around scoot for doing just about everything. If you like to ride down to the local fishing hole on the fire roads? No problem with this bike. We have sold several of these for the back of campers and motor homes. They are relatively light weight and very low maintenance; yet can carry two up anywhere you need to go.                        


     The new 50 from Genuine is the Venture. The cost of owning and maintaining this machine may be able to be measured in pennies. A 3 valve liquid-cooled 49cc four-stroke  powerplant is sure make a 100 MPG or more for cost efficient around town commuting. With a price tag of just $1599 this is great way to get around on a budget and still have fun.


    Something new for this year. Genuine is releasing a 400cc 4 valve motorcycle. Yes, they are jumping into the motorcycle game. And it looks like a good start.It is coming into the country in early 2018; we can't wait to get our hands on one. We ARE taking deposits and should have a bike very soon. For now, the article from Scooterfile is your best source of information. 

                                                            A little of what Genuine is all about.


  1. I sure hope to see the G400C released soon!

    1. Us too. They are held up in EPA testing and we can't wait to get our hands on one. They are on order! We will post here AS SOON as we get them.

  2. Yeah for scooters!
    How is the new Genuine Venture holding up?
    Nice looking scoot!

    1. We still prefer the two stroke 50's here at Carlisle Cycle. They have more pep and acceleration than the 4T Venture. The buddy 50 and RH50 have been VERY good to us over the years. Until they are no longer available we recommend them over the Venture do to the top speed advantage. That being said, the Venture seems to be a good reliable machine ( like everything else in the current Genuine lineup). As long as your riding will be local around town running.