Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shrinky Dink III

Welcome to the 3rd annual Shrinky Dink Ride. This is just a simple bit of fun to keep the hardy/ foolhardy riders enthused through the cold months of the year, and provide some fun to the others who want to watch the rest of us freeze.
      Challenge:  ride out in the coldest weather you can stand. Then ride as far as you like, and provide proof that you did.   Repeat.   Often.


The rules are pretty simple and loosely followed at best.
1) BE SAFE! You all know your limits, but don't risk life and limb, too much, for a good result. This is supposed to be FUN.
2.) The challenge will start on December 25th and run through March 21st.
3.) The ride will have two classes. Motorcycles and Scooters; if you have one of those wierd in between bikes we will make it up as we go. DON'T WORRY! We have this covered; just ride SOMETHING!
4.) This pretty simple, the coldest temperature wins, sort of. TRY to take a pic in front of a temperature sign somewhere. We realize this isn't always possible, so you CAN use your phone in a pinch. NO CHEATING! We are putting you on your honour to be fair.
5.) The ride has to be 5 miles or longer to count (total length). The longer the ride the more points it gets. We have a formula worked out for this. It's math stuff, don't worry we have that under control. So, if you do 11 miles in -2 and some nut does 80 miles in 3 degrees. He/she MIGHT just beat you. There are extra points for stupidity (just remember rule#1)
6.) This contest is open to residents of the U.S. only.
7.)If you think it is too warm where you live? Do it anyway, remember points are awarded for originality, stupidity, and bravery. This is supposed to be FUN. The first year the Shrinky Dink was won by a southern rider who got lucky on a cold snap in the south.
     That's it for the rules we think. Ride. email your pics to us atcarlislecycleandscooter@gmail.com. We will post a few for fun, but will save the results till the end. There will be a chat about the rides here on our Facebook page during the event. Also feel free to post comments here.
Yes, there will be prizes. They may or may not be amazing. Ride now. ride often.
   There will be an open house at Carlisle Cycle and Scooter on Saturday January 30th.  It is part of our winter riding contest There will be some snacks and lots of warm beverages to keep you toasty. IF the weather is decent some folks will ride in. If you want to arrive on 4 wheels that is just fine,too. Stop by and enjoy the people riding in. There will be lots of shenanigans, and some short rides around the block as well. The sidecar rig will be out and running no matter what the weather (we have snow tires). The shop will be staying open late; stop by, laugh, ask questions, talk bikes and scooters. There will be movies later in the evening on the projector if you would like to stay.
    The weather hasn't cooperated yet, but it is coming. Remember, BE SAFE out there, and have fun.Remember, you don't have to win for this to be fun. It is all about the ride!
    A little tip: If its over 32 degrees it doesn't count. But you can ride anyway. Be sure to post ALL of your rides below 32. They all add up.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Riding the roads that are no longer there

      We have a love for abandoned roads. They all went somewhere important at one time. Sometimes they lead you to great places. The end of the macadam is often a great place to start.

Often you need a good dual-sport to follow the toughest, but sometimes a good reliable scooter will do the trick. You can see the "new" highway in the background.    
                                         The trees in the water are at the edge of the old highway.
         At this point we have reached the end of the road. We will be back with dual-sports with larger tires and some higher clearance. We could still see the edges of the road under the water. It looks like it doesn't get more than about 2 feet deep; so we will be back to finish this one.                

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Holiday Specials

    Once again it is time for our annual holiday specials for the month of December on Facebook. Be sure to keep on eye on them as we will add a new one everyday till December 24th. They are good all month and are often the best deals we have all year long.


So far we have:
#10 $500 off Stellauto and Sym HD200 in stock
#9 Gogo armoured hoodies $99
#8 $2 off any pair of grips
#7 $30 off of Mobile electric gear in stock
#6 $200 off new blue and white bikes in stock
#5 Lightning power packs $99
#4 10" tires and tubes full set, just $100
#3 Sunglasses BOGO 50% off
#2 Red scooters in stock $200 off
#1 $200 off ANY Genuine till Dec. 25