Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Scooter Jousting III: The Hammer awakens.

                                                         We held our third annual scooter jousting event.                 

                            Kerrin and Rachael were warming them up. Testing the rides and the equipment.   

Oh, That fits well.

     There was no need to be hungry. There were all kinds of yummy dishes made by friends and we supplied drinks and Chicken Chili. Sadly, no one remembered to take pics of the food spread. We even had a few awesome cakes. Some of our customers are turning pro (Heather).

                                                                             There were family crests.

And valiant steeds.

As well as some serious contestants. These young guys are getting better every year.

E. trying to get the girls to check him out. 

                                                                We even had squires to retrieve weapons.

                                                                          Yes, that is a helmet.

    This year, more people made their own weapons. 
Tell me this wouldn't worry you?

Team Monster Helm even had its own squire (pretty good with a sword already)

                                    This year? We even had an impromptu scooter limbo contest.                             

                                                                         The bar got quite a bit lower than that.

                                                                      There were plenty of smiles

The bikes ran all day with some TLC, but they didn't look too pretty in the end. Don't worry; both of these bikes were low quality Chinese scooters destined for the scrap heap when we got our hands on them.

If you didn't make it; you missed a good time. We'll see you at the next one!
      Thanks to Heather for some extra pics! Check out the event HERE on Facebook  and another blog A scooter in the wild will have another perspective for you.   


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Freak snow storms

Sometimes the weather can catch you off guard, but with the right gear and a good mindset you can persevere. There was an early snowstorm here yesterday and several folks had ridden their two-wheeled machines to work.               

      I can honestly say we were happy to see the posts on Facebook and various other social media. Pictures of people cleaning some snow off of their seats; putting on the right gear and riding home.

    It's a bit of a shock coming out from work and seeing your bike waiting for you like this. Believe us, the bike will still start and take you home. All you need is the right gear to get you there in comfort. That is where we can help. We have been riding in this stuff for decades and have the gear to keep you warm and dry. The right attitude is up to you ( but is so much easier when you are warm).

Don't be afraid of some bad weather.

Come by and let us get you ready for anything nature can throw your way.

Having the right gear really does allow you to enjoy the ride!

*Thanks Tim and Das for the pics!