Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Shrinky Dink Challenge results

We had a great winter with more ride entries than ever before. The list of bonus points was designed so that almost anyone could win if they played it properly. However, one guy received the most bonus points as well.

     Our winner for this year is Tony from Harrisburg. Tony amassed a crushing total of 15,217 points. His longest ride amassed 1,250 bonus points alone.

Tony had a few rides early on that were just epic. 

Our second place winner (with the most entries) was Alex from Philadelphia. Alex put in some sweet rides in ALL kinds of weather, but just didn't equal Tony's monster ride from Harrisburg to VA. However, Alex was far ahead of third with 3,493 total points. Including many bonus points for riding in the snow.

Both Tony and Alex rode in all sorts of weather and all kinds of temperatures. The proper gear goes a long way to keeping you comfortable on a bad day.

Third place went to Tony's companion Yvonne. She puts on the gear and braves some of those cold rides with Tony.

Fourth place went to a competitor using ONLY 50cc of machine. Steve really put in a showing on a small bike! He logged many short rides to and from work, but all done with just 50cc of fury; netting him  752  points for the year.

First thru fourth place have all won a free Carlisle and Cycle tee shirts. Please stop by to pick one up, or get in touch with us with your size and color choice and we will get one to you.

Congratulations to ALL of our riders. We look forward to the fun of this event every winter. It helps keep us and you going till spring.

Alex and Tony have both won additional prizes of gear from the shop. 

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