Saturday, July 11, 2015

Operation Malted Falcon

    A few days off, a few friends, and a new bike to test. Sounds like a recipe for an adventure, and that it was.
      The shop had just purchased a new Lance Cabo 150 for use around the shop, kids running errands, etc. So, we put 175 miles on it locally ; changed the oil and set out for Ocean City, Md on a new bike. Not foolish enough you say? How about we bring a friend along on a new Genuine RH50 to make sure the speeds are in the 40 M.P.H. range? We meet a good friend with a 30 year old Honda scooter halfway and continue on? It sounds like a great plan to me. Let's GO!

We set out on back roads, in the Lancaster, Pa. area, well suited to our speeds. For those that don't travel these areas to often, this meant sharing the road with Amish buggies and their horses.  The pics above are of  rutted roads repaved in the center due to the wear from horses shoes over the years. Something most people will never see unless you find the right roads.

 We stopped for a quick lunch in Gap, PA. and discovered that the Amish are into scoots, too 
( we knew it)

Now three strong, we set off to terrorize the roads in away only a scooter gang can.

Much mayhem was had.
 Penelope was out of town so, fresh Ginger would just have to do.

There were many bridges with possible Troll sightings

There were interesting sights were all around; all you had to do was have a look.

Finally, making our way to Ocean City for the night, we were put up in comfort by some scooter friends in town. There may have been stories over strong liquor and a few tall tales, but unless you were there you will never know.

The next day we were greeted with clear skies and a bit too much heat. After a great breakfast (who knew our host could cook! ) it was time to buzz the streets of a small seaside town. We were now 4 scooters strong; so the hooligan aspect was in fool (or is that full) effect. 

After a morning tooling around, one of the gang had to head home ( to meet with us again later) and one was staying at the beach, so just two lonely travelers set out to make a 200 mile run to another stop for the night. Two hundred miles may not sound like much to hard core bike travelers, but when you're running with a two-stroke 50cc machine; it may be a bit farther than you think.

The impressive part? There was a stretch of Rt.1 that we had to do about 45 miles on for the sake of time. How many machines can you hold WIDE OPEN for over an hour without them even making a hiccup. The Genuine RH50 is such a machine. It ran full-tilt, with no rest for over an hour and didn't complain. The owner runs Spectro lubes in his machine and it shows. I came away totally impressed! Meanwhile my trusty Cabo 150 was racking up the miles with no complaints

Finally time for another wonderful back road. If you have never done Rt. 9 through the Delaware marshlands; it is something to put on your list of drives to make.

There are large machines to see. 
We wondered if it would be possible to drive under.
 Maybe our bikes fit; maybe they didn't.
 If you weren't there you may never know.

As night began to fall there were flooded roads and strangely lit towers in the marshes. It was a pleasure to have reliable machines and decent headlights.

We reached our friend's house LATE at night, and were welcomed by made beds, and cool rooms. To say we slept well was an understatement. We were made to feel like we were at home.

The next morning we awoke to friendly pets curious of the new visitors and an eager host. There was more sights and riding to be had, but first Breakfast at Frankies. 

Then, back on the road for more adventures. 
There were abandoned buildings patiently waiting to be discovered.

Castles to be seen:

And strange underground rooms to be explored.

Even bizarre relics of old

Finally, after a great day of adventure; it was time for some of us to part ways. We shared a drink and said our goodbyes . The same two travelers who started this adventure heading home. A bit tired, a bit sun burned, and nothing but smiles and a few more miles left to cover.
The Lance Cabo and Genuine Roughhouse impressing the entire time. These small machine clocked roughly 750 miles in summer heat in the span of just 3 days. Neither machine missed a beat; not even once.

After a bit of a highway run again (the last one) we paused at an abandoned bridge to cool ourselves and the bikes down a bit. It turns out we needed it. We may have heard the bikes both considering trying to jump the distance. OR, it may have been the heat. We  weren't sure.

A few more hours on back roads. There may have been a dirt trail or two and a bit of mud, but I don't believe bikes were allowed back there. So, for some strange reason there are no pictures. 

Over 700 miles on two wheels. A total of 5 different riders and bikes. There were no problems of any kind ( other than coming back to work). The Cabo took everything I threw at it, and the RH50 did nothing but impress. After 3 days and lots of back road miles; just a simple beep of the horn and a wave as the bikes find their own paths home.

For another view of the same ride from the drivers seat of the Genuine RH50

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  1. sounds like an awesome trip. great pics, great story.
    awaiting the next adventure...