Tuesday, September 29, 2015

October 25: Operation Tunnel Canary

Our sponsored Fall ride:
 Mark the date on your calendar October 25 at 10:00 AM. We will be leaving from Carlisle Cycle and scooter.
We will lead a ride out some back roads to route 30, then take a secluded path to the abandoned turnpike tunnel. We will be going to the longest one. The ride will take about 2 hours with LOTS of hills (no 50's for this one), and a short run on a well maintained dirt road. There is a good spot to park and there will be a ...1 mile hike to the tunnel. We suggest bringing a snack and a bottle of water for the walk. Make sure you bring lighting, the tunnel is NOT lit. Also, bring shoes you can walk two miles in .
After the hike back we will take a short ride down route 30 to Nuzzellas Pizza for lunch. This is a small mom and pop pizza joint that LOVES scooters.
We will have the shop open and the coffee on while everyone gets together for the ride out. If you need last minute things for the ride; we can help with that, too.
     Thanks to abandonedcountry.com for the photo.


  1. Why no "50s"? I ride all over southern Ohio on very hilly/mountainous roads on my 49cc scoots. No problem, just a tad slower. I was very disappointed to see this remark...:-(

  2. Just so everyone knows, we LOVE 50's. The reason this ride is targeted towards larger CC machines is that we are time limited with the distance and daylight.
    We have several riders with 50cc machines (ourselves included). We even offer an annual two-digit ride. Please join us for the next one. Check out the 2 digit rides and operation malted falcon on the blog if 50's are near and dear to your heart :)