Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Support your local shop.


Now that Halloween has past, our thoughts turn to Thanksgiving and holiday shopping.  One of the things we are thankful for here at Carlisle Cycle and Scooters is our customers.  Thankful that you entrust us with your hard earned money and your beloved vehicles. That you appreciate our expertise in our chosen field. We are a small Mom-&-Pop shop and this business supports our family. Many small businesses like ours are struggling to stay afloat against the convenience of shopping online.  We understand that it is easy and the deals seem better.

  Please understand that if you are a regular customer of a small local shop, the benefits that you receive will far exceed the few dollars that you might save with that "online deal".

Service.  You cannot buy that online.  It is even difficult to find at the big box stores.  We provide our customers with one-on-one, face to face service.  We will tell you which products we prefer, and which to stay away from (some "deals" can be money sucking mistakes).  We won't steer you wrong because if we do, we are going to have to look you in the eye and justify ourselves. We want you to be happy shopping here.
That helmet you buy online? We sell that here, and the gloves,too. We can get most anything that you see online, we can frequently come close to their deals, and we can get it in a few days too. Keeping local small businesses in business means that we will be here to help you in the future when you can't solve your problems by yourself.
We understand that our "quaint" shop may not be to everyone's taste.  That is fine, check out our competition.  There are several shops in the area and each has it's own personality. We would love for everyone to do all of their shopping here, but if not, please support other local businesses.  When you shop locally you are helping your neighbors and friends to pay their bills.


 Besides, when you support a local business it feels good.

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  1. Very nice. I just wish I had my bike running so I could drive a few hours to come and visit your quaint li'l place where everyone extolls the virtues of two wheel motorized travel as often as they can!