Sunday, December 13, 2015

Riding the roads that are no longer there

      We have a love for abandoned roads. They all went somewhere important at one time. Sometimes they lead you to great places. The end of the macadam is often a great place to start.

Often you need a good dual-sport to follow the toughest, but sometimes a good reliable scooter will do the trick. You can see the "new" highway in the background.    
                                         The trees in the water are at the edge of the old highway.
         At this point we have reached the end of the road. We will be back with dual-sports with larger tires and some higher clearance. We could still see the edges of the road under the water. It looks like it doesn't get more than about 2 feet deep; so we will be back to finish this one.                

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  1. When December gives you a 65°f day you have to get out and enjoy it.