Thursday, February 4, 2016

Third annual Shrinky Dink open house

    We decided to throw another little shindig in the middle of the Third Shrinky Dink Challenge. We had food, music, balloons and a bunch of folks stopped by.
     The commemorative annual shrinky dinks were out for all who attended. They have been seen on Christmas trees as ornaments, as talismans from evil, and even a few uses we haven't quite figured out yet.

   There was a long buffet with drinks and all sorts of food and goodies including cupcakes, and TWO cakes to choose from. (thanks Heather, Trish and Courtney)    


         We had a good turnout and this year we were happy to see a few more young customers stop in.     

      Our love of bikes came in our single digit years, and has stuck with us all these years. If you start them young, they will ride forever. The young man below spent time exercising his imagination on his scooter. He rode out to the rescue and carried everyone in the shop to safety. He is quite wise for his age as he started with the ladies first.             

     It always makes us smile to see bikes in the parking lot. Especially when there is snow on the ground. The roads were clear and dry and a few riders took advantage of the sunny day to ride over.

We even had a visit by the VERY RARE Princess Pony. A strange mythical beastie who, it has been said, woos riders with its charms.

     The fire was on, the coffee and hot chocolate were plentiful. The deserts that show up always amaze. A few of our regulars were missed due to snow engagements and broken car parts; but that just left more balloons for the rest of us.                              

      We are looking forward to Spring with plans for another two-digit ride, and a few events for new bikes being introduced from Genuine this year. As always, there will be shenanigans, squeezed in between the work hours. Remember, this is supposed to be fun! Be sure to keep your eyes on the Facebook page and our events page as well for upcoming events.


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