Friday, July 8, 2016

SYM and Lance Scooters

     As most of you know, we are dealers for SYM and Lance scooters ( as well as Genuine ). The quality and parts availability for Genuine has been without question for some years. However, the names SYM and Lance are not as well known. So, allow us a little history lesson and some information for you.
      SYM was founded in 1954 and may be a bit bigger than you think. They are a large company making parts for cars, motorcycles, and scooters; they have made parts for a few other companies you may have heard of, such as Honda, cars like the Civic and Accord ( if you ever heard of those). In fact, they are quite a busy, well run company. So, we know the quality is there; you just may not have heard of them yet. But, our grandfathers said the same thing about that little 60's upstart Honda.

Sym was originally brought into the USA by the Carter brothers, which, unfortunately had a disastrous fire in 2010. The new partners with SYM are Alliance powersports and have picked up the ball running. We are often asked about parts availability in case of crash damage or issues with the bikes. First , the machines come with a 24 month warranty from the manufacturer. Second, any parts we have needed have been in stock and shipped out to us in a timely manner. The parts guys, as well as our inside technical support have been great and they ALWAYS answer the phone when we need help (that's  a big deal).
The parts for some of the pre 2010 bikes are harder to get, but, as a dealer, we have our sources. There are several SYM scooters running around with 20,000 miles and counting on the clock. We have one customer who daily drives his all year round, and we see him for tire changes and oil and not much else.

Lance, on the other hand, is a newer company starting in 2004. Some of their earliest value line scooters were a bit rough around the edges. So, they did the right thing in 2009 when they partnered with SYM to manufacture their engines and improve the entire scooter line-up. The have done a great job, bringing out good quality scooters at a great price.The model line up continues to expand and improve.This year they introduced several new fuel injected  models.Our daughter, Kerrin, daily rides a Cabo 150; so that should tell you what we think of the brand. She is, however, eyeing the new Cabo 200i as a upgrade to her 150. 

 Anyone that has been in our shop realizes we are a small "Mom&Pop" kind of place. We have been told our customers keep coming back because we are honest and personal. We don't know any other way to be. We are here to make a living, but OUR name goes on every scooter we sell. So, we sell what we like, and what we think works well and is good value for the money. THAT is why we are dealers for SYM, Lance, and Genuine.

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