Sunday, August 14, 2016

How to keep cool when the heat is on

    With summers heat in full swing; we wanted to plan a fun ride with a special treat. We planned a 2 digit, small displacement and moped ride to retrieve some much needed ice cream from the Twirly Top.
      We had a first time passenger along, and she was ready to go...if looking perhaps a wee bit nervous about the driver. She loved her ride and will be back for more!

The sky had a few clouds, so we checked the weather and headed out to dodge the rain clouds.   

 Other than a tiny sprinkle when we first left; it was dry riding all the way out and back. Besides, who lets a little rain get in the way of fun?
   We had nine riders and eight bikes who braved the heat and the possible rain to join us for an enjoyable afternoon.

The heat was brutal at near triple digits, so what better day to ride for something cool.
                                    A rather appropriate fresh peach sunday for a TMISC rider.

 This was a short local ride, 12 miles out and the long-way back for 23 miles. It was planned as a moped friendly ride ( we do one a year), but sadly we had no peddles along. So, we took the long way back. Which meant someone ran out of fuel. A little carb drain hose, a two-stroke pre-mix bottle and some patience got us enough gas to get him to the next gas station.
    As someone along for the ride said, " It wouldn't be an adventure if something unexpected didn't happen". For those that didn't make this ride. Maybe we will see you on our next one September 25th.


  1. having some ice cream with your whipped cream? lol
    great day for a ride.
    that monkey is up to shenanigans...

  2. Always a great day for a ride on two-wheels. It was nice to have you along. Thanks for leading the ride back.

  3. Ice cream is definitely the best way to keep cool in this heat! Thanks for the post!