Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Scooter Jousting take 2

   Our only private event of the year, our 2nd annual scooter joust was, once again, a success. The first year went so well; why not do it again? The weapons had evolved a bit, the hand to hand combat was improved, and still we all went home in one piece.

      Some folks showed up early to say hello, test out the equipment, and perhaps get a little practice time in.

There was training.

This year we we had young and old riders both prepared to take the field.

We had some young squires, but still ready to do battle!

Some were even armoured for protection. ( Cute ain't he? )

The spectators were lining up. I think they were expecting some sort of mayhem. Some of them may have helped create some themselves.

Once the jousting started it was all smiles ( with maybe a few bruises ).
We used soda bottles attached to the helmets with Velcro. The object? Remove the soda bottle from your opponents helmet in ANY manner you see fit.

                                                 That hammer packed quite the wallop.

Just a small sample of the action. Proving that size doesn't matter, well, sort of.

This went on for hours, the bikes were battered beyond belief, but with a few mechanic interventions they managed to stay running all day.

Later, once it got too dark to joust. It was time to fire up the grill, and have some food. We even squeezed in a birthday cake somewhere.

 There was firewood that needed to be burned as well.

We didn't use our SYM scooters for the jousting, but we can use the shipping crates to stay warm at night. Besides, they sure do burn nicely.

As people slowly headed home, a few of us took up residence around the fire for the evening. Warm stones, and plenty to burn staved off the chill into the night.

Until next year!. Keep your eyes here or our Facebook page for our next event.

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  1. yay. and a fun time was had by all. i walked away with only a couple of bruises.