Tuesday, January 10, 2017

One piece riding suits

It is time for a brief post about that miracle of the two-wheeled world. That extra hide we often use for many different situations. They have made them as over-suits for businessmen who need to wear a suit to work. They are made for road racing and high speed protection. However, the type we would like to talk about today concerns riding through the chilly stuff.

Did you know we sell this First Gear thermosuit for just $199? You can put on your regular warm clothes, and step into the wide leg panels, zip this baby up and ride in comfort down into the 20-30's easily. If you add electric heated gear underneath you can easily add another 20 degrees to what is comfortable.

We have been riding 12 miles to work almost every day on our trusty Lance Cabo by wearing a warm layer and adding this suit. The electric gear was still in the closet until this weeks morning rides. We don't expect all our customers to ride in this kind of weather, but by saying that some of us do. It should be EASY to get the right gear and ride on 40 degree days in the dry. We can't go all winter without a ride.

There are far more complex suits for more money (and we sell those too), but we just wanted to show what can be done with just an extra $200 for the right gear. You can easily extend your riding season a month or more on each end with just a few pieces of gear. Those days that always happen in the winter? When it hits 56 degrees in January and it feels GREAT? Grab a Thermosuit, zip it on, and go for a ride!

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