Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Get out and RIDE

    Anyone that knows us has seen that we ALWAYS support riding. Be it in the dirt, the road or anywhere between. We love to ride and do it as much as possible.

We rode to work this morning. So? How do we do it? GEAR. That is the most important part. Everyone was out just 9 days ago riding when the temps were in the 70's. There is no reason to put them back away. IF you have the right gear you can ride comfortably into the summer days.

 I am often referred to as some sort of Viking for riding in the cold. I have a little secret to share. I had a very serious fight with Lymes disease a few years back that put me in the hospital. The important part of this? It also stripped my ability to withstand the cold like I always had. What to do? Buy more and better gear to ride, hunt and hike in.  I go out as often as I always did. I just own better gear than I used to. So, if  you are thin, from the south, not used to the cold. WE CAN keep you riding.

Okay, okay, some of us are nuts and ride when its REALLY cold. We even compete in the annual Shrinky Dink. What I am talking about here is NOW, spring is right around the corner. You woke your ride from its slumber. Don't put it back away. We all know that March "comes in like a lion". Dial up your game and be a lion tamer. Get out the gear and keep riding. If you just said " I don't have the gear". We think you know where to come. It's almost summer; so we have discounted the electric gear, balaclavas, and winter gloves still in stock. Come take advantage and RIDE. Did we mention it is time to RIDE? 


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