Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Whiskey Dick VI

    Presented by the Middle Of Nowhere (MON) scooter club. Whiskey Dick VI was another great weekend with friends and some cool machines.

        We set out Friday morning to take the long way up. A trusty Stella scooter and a Genuine  buddy 125. Cody and I took Gold Mine Rd. over the mountain, found some rabbit trails, goat paths, and some dirt/coal dust roads (we ride dirt bikes too) to play on while attempting to get lost. Even a little roadside stop for a special pic.

 We pulled into the hotel with almost 200 miles on the clocks, ready for dinner. JUST IN TIME. Eric was getting the group ready to go. No rain as of yet, warm air and a bunch of oil burning two-strokes. What better way to ride to dinner.

      I must say, it is ALWAYS a wonderful thing when you pull up to a rally, and get greetings of handshakes, hugs, warm wishes and the sound of your name being called out. That has never gotten old in all my years of riding on two-wheels and the scooter crowd does not disappoint.
    We all rode out to The Original Pocono Pub who took good care of us on a Friday night. The food was good, the staff friendly. The weather even treated us all nicely until we arrived back at the hotel.
                                                      Ah, the smell of pre-mix in the air. (Thanks Tim for the video)

   Some of us hung in the pool quietly enjoying the warm water till the wee hours of the morning, while others turned in early for a good nights rest.

      Saturday morning we were greeted with the rain that had so nicely held off the night before.  Not to worry, the scooters didn't melt over night.        

 There was even a short ride organized out to The Beer Stein for some lunch.

   If you ever wanted to see a well set-up gymkhana at a scooter rally; well, I was impressed. Yes, it was raining, and YES we had a blast anyway. We shower every day, what's the big deal doing it a little early.
                            We started off by riding in through the saloon doors.

                         Then you needed to grab your dynamite and knock off the bank teller.

From there an escape down the railroad tracks.

There were some obstacles to navigate, and then it was time to "blow" the safe (it would be better if you didn't  ask).

From there you had to escape by crossing the river on the ferry. And just like Bucklebury this wasn't easy.

Then you had to lasso a bull on your way out.
He was mean, but easy to get a rope on if you took your time. 

Dinner had been prepared for us, and there was a new sheriff in town explaining things.

Saturday night awards are always fun. The Corsa IFP (look for an upcoming blog) winners came up to accept their trophies (we wanted to see Carl get that back on his bike).

The Carlisle Cycle and scooter crew won longest distance ridden again, and we are so proud of  Cody wining the Gymkhana for the 2nd year in a row.

We even had a local schoolgirl that stopped by to check out the cool scooters. 

Remember that kid in school with the dunce cap?...well.

Of course, afterwards it was time for some bull in the pool.

                                                            We even saw a rare unicorn.

Leaving Sunday is always bittersweet. You have to say goodbye to old friends, and usually a few new ones,too. This picture sums up not just scootering , but all two-wheeled riding for me. The young ones are the future of this sport/hobby/lifestyle. If we don't welcome them in and show them why we enjoy this so much. It will disappear forever. I was glad to have these guys along.

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  1. A great write-up about a terrific event! It was great seeing you again.