Thursday, October 12, 2017

K100 and the winter blues.

 It is fall. Time to remember to come in and buy some K100. We use it, we recommend it, and we keep it in stock.

We recommend a small amount of K100 in every few tanks of fuel, but more importantly it is a MUST for winter storage of a motorcycle. If you use K100 you won't be seeing us to clean your  fuel system in the spring. K100 is just $8.95 a bottle, and a carburetor  cleaning STARTS at $78. So it is a smart way to prevent that bill in the future. Remember, it also works great in your snowblower, weed eater, mower, etc. etc.

We even use it to clean carbs on the bench these days. This is an unsolicited video from a regular customer of ours. He was pretty happy with the results.

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