Monday, February 19, 2018

Snow days can be fun too.

    After getting a few bikes fixed at the shop, we promptly closed the doors at 2:00 (a rare thing indeed) and headed home for some much needed play time.

     The snow was falling, fluffy and light. PERFECT traction for knobbie tires.

It was hard to keep a clear, fog free faceshield to see where we were going. Luckily, we have the correct gear intended just for that purpose (we can even sell it to you as well).

Remember, you don't have to spend a fortune to get out and have fun in the snow. A 20 year old mount will still get the job done with decent tires on the rim.

The bikes were going well and we were riding all over "our" mountain. Time to see if the scooters could move in the snow too. We knew it wasn't going to be their forte, but just wanted to see if we could get where we wanted to go.


We won't lie. This is not a ride for beginners and, if you look, that rear tire is sliding around pretty well. However, the Lance Cabo did manage to make the drive up the entire road in the snow. Not too shabby.

We had a blast. After getting wet, sweaty and tired; we declared it a great snow day and went in to cozy up around the fire with some hot cocoa.


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