Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2014 Meltdown

    The TMISC Meltdown was a again a great success. Our shop supports the club as a sponsor, but we are also club members and go to the event to have fun ourselves. To catch up on the shenanigans you may have missed, click here. It was a weekend of perfect weather, great friends, and good times.

     If you have an interest in seeing the trophy for the 2014 Atomic drag race ( made by Regal metal works ), it is sitting in our shop right next to the 2013 trophy for the slow race.


If all this interested you, make sure to sign up early next year as the rally was a sold out event this year. If you need a scooter, or just need ANOTHER scooter for the rally; WE would be glad to help you with that! 

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