Sunday, August 3, 2014

Are they REALLY Vintage???

    Everyone is asking. Which IS better? The SYM symba or the new Genuine Stellauto. Well since we sell both, we may just have the answer for you, then again, more testing just may be required.


The new Stellauto was found hiding behind a lamp post on a nice bright sunny day ( just outside the 100 acre woods). I believe it heard the SYM calling it to go for a ride. 

We approached carefully, but once it realized we had a helmet and riding gear it let us come a bit closer. Next thing you know we were off riding.

     The Genuine Stella automatic ( or as we refer to it, the Stellauto) fires up nicely and settles into a decent idle. The pilot, having owned several shifties isn't sure about this whole CVT transmission thing at first, but after about 5 miles you  tend to forget if you need to shift gears or not and just begin to enjoy the ride. The motor is quick out of stops, but softens at about 45 M.P.H. If coerced the top speed of 55 can be achieved and held on most inclines. As with the rest of the Stella line, the ride always garners good looks and attention; even a thumbs up or two from passersby. The stellauto was a bit slow feeling at first ( still no speed demon), but after 100 miles of break-in it is starting to loosen up and run nicely. A buyer would need to keep this in mind as those first 100 miles are a bit cantankerous. The brakes work well, the CVT  does its job nicely and the quality of this Stella is definitely a step up from the ones in the past. Don't worry though, this Stella still looks JUST like the one you fell in love with in Roman Holiday, despite being a modern machine underneath.

     After a bit of a ride, along comes our second test pilot on our new SYM symba. Yes, it looks JUST like a 60's Honda that we all know ( the Nicest people one), but it too has some modern add-ons beneath its skin. There is a 4 speed semi-automatic transmission ( you still shift but there is no clutch) and the symba now packs over 100 cc's of engine displacement.
The Symba even has its own blog site here

The rain had started so, of course, in true rider style it was time to find a good place to eat to try and wait out the storm.

We highly recommend if you are a lover of authentic Mexican food that if you are in the area you look up Tres Hermanos in Harrisburg. ( shameless plug for a great place to eat ).

The two bikes ( and their owners) enjoyed quite the nice ride after dinner. There was some of it accomplished in the rain and THEN.

Overall, two great bikes if you are not in a hurry and are just looking to enjoy a great ride. Both rides have a top speed somewhere around 55M.P.H. if you need it, but are most happy cruising along at any speed you like. The Symba may have the Stellauto just a tad on top speed ( with proper drafting techniques ), but the stellauto gets it away from the light every time. A GREAT day for a ride, if you haven't smiled and laughed on your own two-wheeled adventure lately; I believe we just might be able to help you with that.

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