Monday, September 18, 2017

Buzz in the Valley #6

    Many people have heard of Thunder in the Valley. An annual gathering of Harley-Davidsons and other big twin style cruiser motorcycles. This weekend we attended our annual Johnstown scooter rally. The Buzz in the Valley.           

One of my favorite rallies that I look forward to every year. This year was going to be even better; as I got to ride out with my son, Cody.

As usual, we met up with some friends in The Shadow of Death ( folks think we are joking), but it's a good meeting spot not known by too many. A small group of like-minded riders all headed out for a relaxing weekend of friends, foods, and shenanigans.

There is a handy picnic table nearby where you can get fuel and food. Cody is always down with food.                                 

                      This is why we are able to navigate most of Pennsylvania via Sheetz stores.

   We take the back roads as much as possible. There is no hurry; finally some time off to enjoy some small roads and the ride. We even find a good view now and then.

Climbing to a top of the mountain on our way...why do they have to post signs like that? What are these TMISC members up to?             

Then it got worse...much worse. "You can't get a bike up there." Always a bad idea.

Once arriving at the rally, we were greeted by warm hellos, firm handshakes and a few hugs. It's always nice to feel welcome, and we were.

For Friday night's dinner we all rode out to the local Pappy's Family Pub;  anyone remember those?

After dinner our host took us down to view the lighted bridge and we took a riding tour of downtown before heading back to our tents for the evening.

Saturday morning came early. Rising to the smell of hot coffee, pancakes, and sausage sure helped.
Thanks to our wonderful hosts for putting out a great spread.

 Saturday took the group out to Levity Brewing Company for some good food and a beer. It was a wonderful sunny ride to get there; just long enough to work up a good appetite.

We even received a tour of the facility.

Who let that guy alone with the beer ?!

And even learned a bit about Squatchin' while we were there.

On the ride back to rally headquarters; we had a little stop to commemorate a missing friend who couldn't join us at the Buzz this year. 

Luckily for most of the group, the pterodactyls only attack the tall ones.

After a fantastic night at Rally Central with some fantastic food. We had fresh shells from Punkys along with homemade carnitas. Several folks brought out their own canned sauces and toppings for the finishing touch. The reason why we love this rally; we feel like family.

                                  You will never go hungry at the Buzz Rally, most of the food is handmade and many folks contribute.

After dinner, We snuck into town for a ride on the Johnstown Inclined Plane

The fog was thick and made for a mildly treacherous ride there. The ride down the mountain was beautiful.
Johnstown finally coming into view.

The view from the bottom was awesome as well.

A bit more riding around town to see the sights from our hosts and it was time to head back. There was a warm fire, plenty to drink, and good friends for conversation and shenanigans. 

The ride home had us missing one more common rider to our group. So, we decided to make a quick stop and leave a message.

Then it was some more twisty roads and slowly watching riders peel off for home. It's always just a little sad watching the group dwindle as we get closer to home. Cody and I did our best with some serious back roads, and a bridge outage on the way home.

** Thanks to Denny for some extra pictures!