Thursday, September 14, 2017

AMA Flat track at Williams Grove Speedway.

    We decided to meet as a group at the shop and ride out to the AMA National Flat track race. Upon arrival we were happy to see packed stands and a full crowd  at Williams Grove Speedway. The bike show in the parking lot is always good as well. There were quite a few vintage Indians in the lot that were ridden there, and that is always a welcome sight.

     The pits were open before and after the race. So you could get up-close and personal with the bikes and riders if you felt the desire to do so.
   This Yamaha is simply beautiful! I think we were all in agreement that with the addition of some lights it would be a fantastic street bike.    
                                      The Indian, just in case you wanted to see it in racing trim.

The racetrack "blue grooved" pretty quick, but the riders were still putting on a show.
                    Yes, we even found time to find some cool scooters in the pits for our scooter fans.

When was the last time you saw a  Genuine Black Cat in person?

A big thank you to Tim for the additional Photos.

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